Face it, we can practically live in our cars today. They have everything! But when it’s time to invite friends or family over, you want your home to be an expression of self. You want your home to be a statement of who you are and your home to display your success to the world.

Our free, easy to use MLS search tools will give you access to thousands of Tampa homes for sale throughout the Tampa Bay area. You set the real estate home search criteria by size, location, price range, number of bedrooms, baths, school districts, etc. Unlike Zillow®, Trulia® or Craigslist®, the MLS is the most up to date* and accurate list of real estate. So let me help you find your dream home or that next home. Let’s get to work!

If you are ready to buy a home within the next 60 days, you must have cash or be Pre-approved. The real estate market moves very fast and the right home at the best price will slip away if you are not prepared. If you are financing your next home, I have leanders that I work with or you can, go to a lender of your choice.  Be sure to mention my name for preferential treatment.

Note: Most mortgage loans today will require 8% to 25% in cash at closing. And, in nearly all mortgage loans, the cash cannot be borrowed ( However It Can Be Gifted). Even the zero down, USDA programs must have at least 1% earnest deposit.

Are you ready to buy within 60 days? Have Funds or ready to work with one of our Leanders? Need an expert buyers agent? Call me at 727.272.5946 today and Let’s get to work!


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